Here are some frequently asked questions about Intimate Glamour
How much will  the photos cost me?
The cost depends upon the size, quantity, and finish of the photographs. Our photographs range from $65* per image (if purchased as a collection) to upwards of $1000.if they are printed as wall art. They are all printed using the highest quality materials including "Fuji Crystal Archive Papers"
What does your special include? 
Our Session & Makeover special includes everything listed in Specials.
It does not include any finished photographs,,
 these can be purchased separately
How long can I expect to be in your studio?
Your makeover can take 45 min. to 1 hour. The  Photo shoot can take 90 min. to 3 or 4 hours depending on how involved the final product will be.
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When could I come in for a Session?
Tuesdays through Fridays. Typically we prefer to begin your session early in the day around 10:00 a.m. . Just call ahead to schedule your appointment.
Will there be people watching me?
No absolutely not. Your privacy is our concern.
When can I get to see my images?
Normally you get to review and purchase your images immediately after the photoshoot. Our staff will give you expert advice  on the selection of your photos and explain what options are available.
What are your payment terms?
We require that your session be pre-payed to secure your date for your Photo-shoot. After you view your images, upon selection of the desired photographs a minimum 50% deposit is required upon placement of your order. The balance is due upon pick-up.
When can I get my photos?
Our normal turn-around time is  as quick as just 
a few days to as much as 4 to 6 weeks,
sometimes a little longer if the order is substantial in quantity and design. Special consideration is given to time sensitive orders such as last minute gifts. Call us for more information.
Who would want Intimate Photographs taken of them?
Over the past 20 years we have seen a vast array of women who have had intimate photos taken with us. From Housewives to Doctors, Attorneys to Accountants, College Students to Teachers, Scientists to Athletes, and the list goes on.
Why would anyone get Intimate Photographs taken of themselves?
The primary reason is usually to give as a gift. However, in todays beauty conscious world many of our clients have undergone some form of cosmetic surgery or have lost unwanted pounds and feel good about themselves. Other reasons vary, some just want to feel good about themselves. Others feel they want to document how they look now to enjoy in later years. Others to show  their ex's what they are missing! For whatever reason we will ensure an unforgettable experience and images the you will enjoy for a lifetime.
Can these photos be used as a gift?
Of course, you can use your images to give as a gift for Anniversarys, Birthdays, Valentines Day, Christmas, or for new brides to give to their husbands.
Am I too old for this?
Absolutely not! 
Our clients ages range from 18 to 67.
Do I need any modeling experience?
Absolutely not. We will guide you through every step of the way to insure the most flattering images of you.
What if I don't like the way I look now?
No need to worry, with over 20 years experience as a Master Portraitist Mr. Cabrera will insure that your best angles and features are accentuated and your weak spots are hidden. In addition all of our images are enhanced and retouched by a master artist to insure flawlessness.
What can you remove through retouching?
You name it!  With today's technology our Photographic Artists can effectively retouch & remove cellulite, scars of all kinds including: tummy tuck, breast enhancement/reduction, nipple reassignment and more. Stretch marks, small tattoos, skin folds, chipped nails & teeth, acne, skin blemishes and we can even out tan lines as well. We can increase or decrease breast size. We can give your body better form & proportion. Reduce thick arms or thighs. Remove veins and irregular or patchy skin. We can retouch as little or as much as needed to satisfy any client's request.
In short... You don't have to be a model to look like one!